The Process


After consultation with the customer our driver will advise you on the best position for siting the skip whether it being for easy access through to the safety of others. Any skip placed on the highway requires a council permit which Kniveton(UK) will obtain on your behalf.


On collection of the skip disruption will be kept to a minimum. All loads taken from site will be made safe by our driver and sheeted to travel on the highway.


Payment can be made either by cheque or cash to which a receipt is given.

Back to Base

All waste returns to our purpose built waste transfer station where it is put through a series of processess involving a custom built recycling centre in which 90% of all the material is diverted away from landfill. Recycling is the way forward.

Sorted & Graded Resources

Once sorted and graded the material is then shipped to various companies across the country to be reused as a raw material.